STOA is your no-nonsense partner to automate your work processes and launch digital actions that translate into real business results.

What does our
work look like?

We don’t like empty promises and fancy words. 

We offer no-nonsense solutions in workflow automation, marketing, and sales that translate market opportunities into business growth.

The strategies we design and implement, based on human values, hard work, and creativity, are meant to meet your goals. 

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, we are small, dedicated, and treasure our clients’ time.

Save time and money with automation

Reach out to the right clients

Experience greater business performance

Brands that work with us.

STOA is taking businesses
from start to profit.

But in practical terms, how we do it?

Result-Driven Web Design
& Development

We design, develop, and launch attractive business websites for your company, products, and services. 

The formula includes your business, your clients, your values, and your most practical business goals.

Smart Business

We implement automation systems that simplify your daily work and communication with your team and clients.

These are simple yet effective solutions that save time, money, and stress for everyone involved.

Digital Marketing
for Business Growth

We only propose actions that will actually benefit your business, based on your industry, your audience, and your brand.

No more wasting resources on pointless campaigns on the wrong channels.

Competitive SEO
& Content Marketing

We take your business and outwork your competition on search engines.

This translates into high-value traffic that otherwise would cost you thousands of dollars in ads.

Efforts that pay off.

STOA Agency is happy to share that Hidrau, a designer and manufacturer of world-class piano benches, won the MIA 2022 award for best International Marketing endeavors, given by the Mediterranean Club of Marketing in Spain and sponsored by Salesforce.

We have represented the international marketing efforts of Hidrau since mid-2021 and our team has been supporting their expansion strategy—one that is paying off in terms of exposure, revenue, and industry recognition.

A growing platform for SaaS businesses.

We launched SaaS Rank back in 2020, a SaaS promotion directory and learning platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses in Spanish-speaking markets.

With plenty of enthusiasm for implementing tools and digitalizing processes, thousands of businesses from Spain and LATAM visit SaaS Rank to find the right software among the 700 (and counting) products we have reviewed and published so far.

At SaaS Rank, we offer promotion opportunities for SaaS businesses and other tech projects.

STOA is creativity and technology in the service of your business’ growth.

We create smart digital systems for small businesses to generate more leads and sales, leveraging automation without spending a fortune.

We love business and love technology but most importantly, we love results. Our solutions are meant to transform your project into an attractive digital powerhouse that sells more.

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